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April 03, 2009



HAHAHAHA your kids are YOUR kids... JUST like their mama!!!
I hope the surgery went well... and the recovery!!! Keep us posted!


SHUT UP!!! Did your boys EVER do anything like that to you? Tell me the truth. Did they talk their teacher into writing a note that sounded so much like them that it actually made a weird kind of sense? Mutters under his breath? Check. Dances in his seat? Check. Continues talking when asked to shut up? Check. Is unable to believe he's actually in trouble? Check.

And don't get me started on the ridiculous implausibility of the other two. Yes, I realize that!! Let's just say they worked it in such a way that it made enough sense at the time because I was very, very busy and talked Greg into going along when he had no clue what he was agreeing to do. He still doesn't realize he had two pregnant, unwed daughters on Wednesday!

But seriously, I know they are just like me. That's why they're still alive today!*LOL* I suppose I should have put in the post that every single, scoundrel one of them made abject apologies when they realized I fell for the entire thing. Hard.

I'm glad their sorry. They will be even more sorry. Trust me.


I still say that if your anniversary is on April Fool's Day EVERY SINGLE YEAR FOR THE PAST TWENTY SIX YEARS, you shouldn't fall for the pranks anymore.

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