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April 19, 2009



O.K. Made him read your blog is a little strong. I only told Mark that you had started blogging again and the last post was funny. I don't even remember what it was but think it was about Wally Clever. Like I have that kind of influence is flattering. Glad you got to visit with Cousin Mel. You probably had a better visit than Jana since they had 5 kids to visit around and at Snuffers. If they are making fun of you they are letting someone else off the hook because you better believe someone is the brunt of the jokes.


wilma's Daughter...well she does not make me read your blog...but the monthly offering she sends to my ministry always includes a quiz over your blog that i return with next month's offering envelope that she return's ...my lord why hasn't tbn thought of this yet??? ha! I love your blog and no your mom does not make me read it...ha


I am raising my hand and singing with you!!! Love you! Miss you!

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