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March 06, 2009



See? I told you if I got her that singing stuffed animal for Christmas, she'd cave in and go to college here. :) We'll work on the War Hymn next time I'm in town.


Grandchildren are such fun. I am so proud of all of mine. I have to tell you a funny though. Ella is determined to call me Graneeeee. I keep telling her it is Gran but she puts and e on the end of everybody's name Hogie...Mommie...Daddie...Poppy... so she just keeps saying Granneee. It was so funny. Can't believe Levi but I still suspect it comes from Greg. If he had not had asma no telling how good he would have been. Anyway...he sure got the tall lean body from Greg's family...not Hogan or Measles. Don't tell Levi but I don't think I have ever seen anyone actually throw a disc. Guess I will have to come see that at some point.


Veritas...I thought you'd appreciate that!


The pumpkin calls me Granny Gran about half the time. I can't believe WILLARD either. It's just so darn bizarre, but it would be nice if Daddy would quit hinting that I'm an adulteress!! lol


I think adultery goes with stripping, you think? So good to see you back!


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