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February 15, 2009



OH, Lana! She is in my every prayer!!! Please keep us posted!!!


Lana we will pray.



Thanks Guys! I appreciate it so much and God is definitely answering our prayers. Our baby is much better today. Not great, still in an unacceptable amount of pain, but much, much better. She's just tough as a boot, ya'll, and keeps gutting it up and making progress. Twice now, I've seen her reach out and actually comfort others during all of this. It's amazing.

Hey, it occurs to me Shaila, Ron is also your cousin you haven't met yet. Shaila is Uncle James' daughter, Ron. (Wilma's brother) I mention that so that you can get it right in your email! *LOL*

Ron, meet Shaila. Shaila, your cousin, Ron. Ron, you'll have to explain how we are related. The details are a little fuzzy to me.


Last comment was Lana. I'm tired and didn't check. I'll be sane in a week or two. *g*

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