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February 20, 2009



Amen and Amen!


YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's home!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad, it is very very scary when they are SO young!!!

You are just too fun, I loved your comment... THANKS!!! AND, tell "little wiggle" Hello for ME!!! LOVE YOU!!!


Thanks guys!! She is doing great and we are so happy and excited and thankful.

Shaila...I will definitely tell "little wiggle" hello from the woman who invented the walk!! *lol* Love you too!!! Greg's sister continues to ask me how on earth she had "my child" when we aren't even related! (My darling nephew, Will.) I marvel at the fact that I had yours, hair, curls, walk and all!! *g* I got a huge chuckle on your blog when someone said how beautiful you are, not because you aren't, but because you look more like my mother than I do!! Live is weird!!

Good, but weird!

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