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January 28, 2009



I'm scared...real scared.... I just hope and pray that the Senate Republicans will hold together and vote NO....but I don't really have much faith in that. God have mercy on us.


WRITE SOMETHING, WOMAN. I miss you guys, I need bloggage. :)


You know, if this blog were REALLY like water to me, I'd be dead. And you would have killed me. How would you feel about that?


Look, Sessie. I spent all last weekend doing taxes. Monday night was Cheer Mom meeting...you know how that drains the very life out of me. Tuesday was two basketball games, Thursday night the pumpkin and fam came over, Friday was more basketball, Saturday was a.m. cleaning because my cleaning lady quit, and then I had Hogan and Ella Sat. afternoon through Sunday afternoon. I cleaned up and went to bed at 8. I'm not alive now, quite frankly. It was fun. I'm exhausted. Work was murder today and promises to be murder tomorrow. You'll have to settle for the phone call of CPR! lol

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