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January 27, 2009



Kelly read that story to our kids in Children's Church Sunday. Then the visiting preacher threw his sermon notes on the pew and preached on our being the hands and feet of Christ...my toes were stepped on and it just makes me realize all the more how important for Christians to act like Christ. I know, I know....it sure is hard at a ball game. LOL He also talked about the group Casting Crowns and their song (seems he had heard it on the way to church and ask God to confirm his change in sermon) called We are the Body I think...anyway...I will have to go to the website and check it out. but not tonight. smiling



I have started downloading (or streamlining or whatever the correct geck language is) Brant's morning show in the mornings on our computer. It is funny and thought provoking and cuts against religion, which I want my kids to get! Try it.

The article on the fottball story is what I see as real Christianity. There may not be a juvenile prison in every town but I believe in every community there is someone or lots of someones waiting to be loved and believed in! I like Steve Camp's old song:
Some people want to live
Within the sound of chapel bells
But I want to run a mission
A yard from the gates of Hell

And with everyone you meet
I'll take them the gospel
and share it well
And look around you as you hesitate
For another soul just fell

Enjoy your blog!



BRAD told me all about that!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!

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